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ESR Infopoint is a self-help, knowledge-based content management system which aims to provide up-to-date information on service support matters, as a first-line support point of call.

ESR System Upgrades The ESR System is upgraded regularly. Here are the current planned dates. Confirmation of the upgrade content, actual times and associated downtime will be issued prior to the event.



Planned Start Date / Time

Planned End Date

Release & Agile Release

Friday 29th March from 18:00

Monday 01st April by 08:00

Pensions Re-banding

Friday 5th April from 18:00

Sunday 7th April by 18:00

Agile Release

Friday 26th April from 18:00

Sunday 28th April by 18:00

May 2019 Merge Event

Friday 24th May from 18:00

Monday 27th May by 18:00

Agile Release

Friday 31st May from 18:00

Sunday 2nd June by 18:00

Agile Release

Friday 28th June from 18:00

Sunday 30th June by 18:00

Release & Agile Release

Friday 26th July from 18:00

Monday 29th July by 08:00

August 2019 Merge Event

Friday 23th August from 18:00

Monday 26th August by 18:00

Agile Release

Friday 30th August from 18:00

Sunday 1st September by 18:00


ESR Service Status The latest information on ESR system performance is available for review. Please review the latest alert and user notices for any additional information that you may require. Click here for more detail

N.B. Also available via the ESR APP: https://www.roadmapeducation.online/ESR_App/ESRStatus/ESR_Service_Status_Live

ESR User Manual As part of our process for improving the overall levels of service to our customers, we are ever improving the content within the ESR User Manual to provide you will all the relevant information which you will require. Click here for more details

ESR Education Places are currently available on ESR Education courses for the following subject matters, HR, Discoverer, Recruitment, ESR Business Intelligence, System Admin and Payroll Admin. Click here for more details

Health and Social Care Information Centre Please refer to the following link for the latest update on Health and Social Care Information Centre. http://nww.hscic.gov.uk/servicemanagement/status/incidents/current/

DPD Delivery Status Please refer to the following link for the latest update on DPD deliveries. (IBM is not responsible for this site's content) http://www.dpd.co.uk/content/products_services/service_updates.jsp